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Im Fόx a ssbb playr and leader of DarkDeath&NewAwakeingGalaxy&BlackFire clans i love tacos&pie O_o the weed Dx T_T WTfox!? c what i meian→_→ Now im the wireda XD This me 24/7 yahO_O! Go_ogle! haha the Fox is in the house Tu das mio loco!o_ONow im The Wiredest here→_→Foxso:SHIT GAYASS GET THE F*CK OFF! -JK- C what i mean→_→Gays r rapers-_-Ah shit....XDNow WTH Weres my Weed..O_O Dont look At me→_→Im not the one w/the weed DX..Lest do this! dont think worng0_0→_→...XD Now im portcian But i seam more amaacin. Well? Dot MESS GansterFox Ha U will Die Im so wired that ma cats faint0_0 -JK- Que? Tu das high!? O_O now i k about wired&odd things→_→ YT:Wolfa1K9sw231 0_0 -noentrenet- Now u may think im wired Yup im am! HAHAH 95.7 & 93.1 This is ma snogs! hehe I cnt spell T_T yo! im to beasty to be beat→_→maybe weres ma sexy sanwicht!?>_< KJwolf,BjFox=Ma firends 4 9years n_n Hoyokes Radio 101! Foxso:High ppl→_→ Foxen:What? i cnt help it when i smoke pot or weed(Foxys weed)o_o Foxlin:the worlds r gay-_- Foxsa:Thowrs-A-Rock@Foxlin-STFOX↑ Foxlin:OW! WTF!? its true thers gaysonic thats keeos huntn us!o_0 Foxen:Yup=_- Foxsa:Ugh yea Gayass u mean→_→ Foxso:Yeao_o Jamey:Wow ppl r carzy Foxen&Foxso&Foxsa&Foxlin:Shut up pa we aint crazy0_0or r we→_→ Jamey:Ah huh→_→ Foxso T. Fox Foxen k Fox Foxsa M. Fox Foxlin Cor Fox Jamey T.cor Fox And melys guys.0_0 I Know u like it!:p Xd Kiss 95.7 !!!! SExy PPl Yahhoo SExy Bicth AKA SEXY SANWICTH:p WEEE PALLOW PETS! XD THERE SOFTO_O yo! time 4 random dancen ! XD now they dont call me Fox 4 nothing ya know XD i like starfox to much it true so ... umm i like pie!and weed(foxys weed) XD wtfox? asome! bring it XD time O_O WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! DARKDEATH! >_> I SCT HELP IT BEING HAPYER xD NOW LEST DO THIS! YAHOO! IM TO TO TO RANDOM xd YESS!!!!!!!! OLAY QUE PASSA AMIGO? OLAY TACOS!REGI LIKES TACOS XD!!! LIKE ME TO!!! YAY!!n_n!!! Now its The weed DX Melys were high 24/7 i mean it! I live 23 STREET ST. XD! YaY!! BANANA DANCE =) WEEE pie! Ma POT! LOL NICKCO THE GAY DoG! XD Now thats wired! XP :p
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